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WE PAY cash for cars cash for vans cash for 4x4's cash for caravans cash for camper vans cash for motorbikes ABOUT US: WE WANT YOU TO Sell your cars to us - We buy cars of all types Sell your 4 x 4's to us - we buy 4 x 4's of all types Sell your vans to us - we buy vans of all types Sell your caravans to us Sell your camper vans, caravanettes, or motor-homes to us.

Sell your motorbikes/motorcycles to us

With over 40 years of family experience in the motor trade, we are uniquely placed to offer you a fair price for your vehicle, with immediate payment and collection.

You are saved the expense and hassle of advertising; possible long wait before a sale; the hassle of arranging viewings, and the possibility of uninsured test drives. All hassle you can do without. We give you a quote, and if accepted, we arrange a time convenient to you to collect your vehicle, arrange all transfer documentation, and pay you cash - all in one easy visit. No charges to you, no hidden extras, just a straightforward service tailored for you.

If your vehicle is without road tax, no problem, it will be transported on one of our recovery vehicles at no cost to yourself. We only ask that you let us know if this type of collection will be required.

WHAT IF YOUR VEHICLE IS PAST ECONOMIC REPAIR (ELV's - End of Life Vehicles) and you want to -

Sell your Car for Scrap. Sell your Van for Scrap. Sell your HGV for Scrap. Sell your Motorbike/Motorcycle for Scrap.

We can help you dispose of all types of end of life vehicles. If you are looking to scrap car for cash, scrap van for cash, scrap HGV for cash, or scrap any vehicle for cash, you can be confident that we will help you dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly manner.

We are all responsible for the world we live in. If you are scrapping your vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure it is disposed of properly. For more information about your responsibilities please visit

WE CAN REMOVE THE HASSLE AND RESPONSIBILITY FROM YOU. We will give you a quote for your vehicle, and if accepted, will arrange a collection time convenient to you. We will organise all documentation (remember your vehicle registration document is used to provide the information necessary for us to produce the Certificate of Destruction, - COD) receipts, payment in cash, and removal on our licensed recovery vehicle. Your responsibility for the vehicle is now ended. For our part, the vehicle is taken to our holding facility/transported to a registered transfer site, and after the vehicle is de-polluted, it is crushed. The environmentally friendly way to RECYCLE MOTORS.

Quick Cash Cars is a trading name of Recycle Motors Ltd